Xbox 360 gamepad companion mac

Auto-Disable feature. Customizable bindings. Available from itch.

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Frequently asked questions FAQ. Yes, it works with any controller that is supports XInput.

About the Application

Does it work with Playstation controllers? Why did it stop working when playing fullscreen video? Windows 10 applications and the taskbar register input twice. Is there any fix for that?

OneCast - Xbox One game streaming app for Android, Mac and iOS

If I disconnect my mouse, why can I not see a mouse cursor? If I buy the app on itch.

  • This software enables the Xbox USB gamepad, DVD remote, and other Xbox devices..
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Steam keys will be provided for all itch. Will updates be free? Yes, all updates for the app will be free. How do I get an updated build of the Itch. You can use the download link you got when you purchased the app to download a new version.

Note: This post was originally published on iamianwright. A little bit of research online told me that you need a Microsoft dongle to make the wireless controllers work with a computer or I could buy a wired controller for less than the cost of the dongle.

Publisher's Description

The preference pane installed perfectly and all the buttons of my controller were recognised including the force feedback rumbles. This was encouraging.

The WP Guru

The camera just span around and around. I pulled out the controller plugged it in again and it worked briefly before the camera started spiralling again. I pulled it out and tried again. This time it worked a little longer but immediately started spinning while I was in a shoot out with the cops.


Not ideal. Next I tried Half-Life 2 purchased on Steam.