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Humm yeah nobody cares I guess Moreover Warmane should supply official launcher because anyone could post a program here that contained some virus or malware and then basically warmane is distributing viruses. May 4, July 5, Any chance to get a cluent in Mac 4. December 19, You have to change the. January 9, March 12, In this private server, I only played in Cataclysm but I can't find a working version for Mac.

Wow private servers

I know probably no one cares but I used to donate and care a lot for this server. March 27, Yeah i tried all of the ways suggested and im on El capitan and still nothing is working We bring to you the best way to enjoy Dekaron. A completely new upgrade system, exp rate between xx and high drop rate with unique daily events ToyStory - We are the best v83 server, no lie. GoodTimes Silkroad Silkroad Online old and new school servers. Active GMs and Daily Events.

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Join our server today and experience the joy you will have on the servers. Join today and get 8 silks free everyday by voting!

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MafiaMatrix Rise above the law, or become the law! Become Gangster, Cop or even a Judge and rise to the highest rank in a number. PandoraWoW - 3. VindicatedStory v1. MapleSwitch v83 - Try us out! Renewal or Old School or PK! IceCold-WoW 4. Custom instances, custom quests and raids. Great PvP and spawnkilling protection!

Lots of farmable gear and farmable weapons from quests. Vote shop to buy some good weapons and lots more. All gear stats changed, starter gear gives you 1. CircusMS v Job Revamped. What are you waiting for? Jade Monkey Legacy Patch.

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Retail-like, with a twist x exp rates. Constant development. We listen to your feedback. RFOlympic - 2. Not Aion 3. Advanced community website. Try us now! Spidernet - Just one click away The proper server for you. Lag free, good stability, friendly community and helpful staff.

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The perfect place to have fun with your friends. LavalonGames - New Ragnarok Update! First english server with Ragnarok update! New city and new dungeons! Farm the new cash shop costumes and win the Peco Peco! Most updated p-server with professional staff and friendly community. Take the role of a vampire and compete against thousands of other vampires in one of the top voted free online vampire browser games.

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Check it out yourself now!! Lady Popular Fashionable online game with lots of extras and prices. Join our international community and help us provide the best possible user experience. Click the link for more information. This is opticrafts official SMP server, give it a go! IP: smp. Create a character, join the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire, become a Jedi or Mercenary, and explore a enormous galaxy of over 4, planets.

Life so easy! Check it out! One click sign with Facebook now incorporated for simple sign ups. Join Now! World of The Gods 3.

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  • Join Us Now…. We have a big dev-team and friendly and active Staff. Discover our custom areas, CS items in-game or the daily events. Register,download and play! Srose Online Best Evo style server out there. OnlinePoints System! Own Quests! Own Items! Whole stats system rebuilded! Experienced staff! Weekly Updates! Join the adventure now! Online since ImDeity: Kingdoms - 1. Join us today [ IP: mc.

    Conquest Aion - Full 3. High rate PvP server!

    All retail features are working! Last Post: [1. Sticky Threads. Sticky: Looking for a host or offering? Sticky: Staff Recruitment Thread! Sticky: Information about the Emulator Section. Normal Threads. AzerothCore VS Trinitycore? Which is the most popular Private server for 1.

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    Free 1 year Premium Membership. Legion compatible account creation? WoW Classic 1.