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How to Disable iCloud Desktop & Documents on Mac

To check, place your AirPods in your ears and check either the Bluetooth or volume drop-down menu from the menu bar on your Mac. Then choose AirPods from the list.

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To quote Guns N' Roses , "it's so easy. Charge your AirPods. Make sure those little guys have all the power they need. Open Bluetooth preferences on your Mac.

How to Disable iCloud Desktop & Documents on Mac

You can either go to the Bluetooth drop-down menu from your menu bar and select Open Bluetooth Preferences… or go to the Apple menu , select System Preferences and click Bluetooth. Double-check that Bluetooth is actually on. Because you never know -- things happen! Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until the status light flashes white.

Alternatives to Back to My Mac

If you'd like to follow along or see us connect a pair of AirPods step-by-step, watch the video below:. If sound still plays from your Mac speakers, check either the Bluetooth or volume drop-down menu in the menu bar and make sure your AirPods are selected as the output. Now you can listen to music from your phone or from your Mac without changing headphones.

We have a step-by-step guide to backing up with Time Machine here , but essentially you just need to do the following:. There are, of course, alternatives to Time Machine that you might prefer.

Apple will drop Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave. Here are some workarounds if you rely on it

As with Time Machine you can use the backup drive - or clone - to recover your Mac in the case of failure and to retrieve an earlier version of a document or a deleted photo. And, as with Time Machine, you do need to remember to plug in your drive for the backup.

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A clone is slightly different to a Time Machine backup because it can be used to boot from, so you could plug it in to another Mac and boot up from it without recovering your Mac, which could be useful as a temporary measure. The method you use to clone your Mac will depend on the software you are using to back up your Mac, but generally you can expect it to be something like this:. Depending on whether or not you pay Apple a monthly subscription for iCloud storage, it may be an option to keep a backup of your data in iCloud.

Back To My Mac

This is a particularly useful solution if you have more than one Mac, or you want to access things you are working on from an iPhone or iPad. We explain the difference between iTunes Match and Apple Music here.

Keep your iPhone and iPad data safe in the cloud

Monthly subscription prices are as follows:. With these options selected any device logged on with the same Apple ID can share access to the same files and System Preferences settings.

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  6. Our photos are in iCloud Photo Library, everything we write is in Pages and therefore available on any of our Apple devices, we use Apple Music and have all our music in the cloud thanks to iTunes Match, and most of our apps are from the Mac App Store. Even apps from the likes of Microsoft and Adobe now come in subscription models, so these days nobody has to dig out discs to install software. But you will be able to access all the data you were storing in iCloud, and when it comes to apps, you will be able to reinstall any you downloaded from the Mac App Store just by logging on and going to your Purchased items list.

    There are many alternatives to iCloud if you are looking for a way to sync and share your files.

    What Is iCloud Music Library?

    These solutions are generally used for sharing a files with colleagues or friends, or storing files that everyone can collaborate on, rather than backing up all your data. You could theoretically store a disc image of your Mac in the cloud and download that. Those services are more for syncing and sharing files, not for storing all your data, but there are dedicated online backup solutions, such as Carbonite , which will backup your Mac over the web, for a fee although Carbonite does have a day free trial.