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Ask Question. Tony Williams 8, 1 14 LostOne LostOne 6 2. Yes, I understand what you said The weird thing is that most of these files do occur or were modified on the same week day Lost I'm not sure I understand, but Windows can execute.

Fix the Ableton “Generic Unix Executable” Problem on a Mac

They have similar modification dates because installing the OS installs those files, so they would be installed together. You can execute them yourself and manually do what the system might automatically do. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

Text and Unix Executable Files to Sound Designer to WAV in Pro Tools 8?? - Avid Pro Audio Community

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I would like to save them in another format if possible and play on itunes-like players. As they were system sounds that I could assign to different functions, having that option would also be nice but not necessary. Some of the files are from Kind - unix exec. Type and creator I don't completely know about. Did anyone get the solution to opening the unix executable files. I have the same problem.

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I saved the QT documents to a thumb drive but the iMac won't open with the message "cannot open Unix Executable files" I'd really appreciate if someone knew how to get these in my iMac so i can use with Final Cut Studio. MisterMe Registered Jun 14, SoundEdit no longer can open any of them since moving the files to a new external hard drive. I had to copy all the files to some Windows laptops quickly before the old drive died, and then move them all back to the new drive.

They were fine just a few months ago. Is there any hope of recovering these files to work with SoundEdit 16 again? This is nearly 10 years worth of audio mixing that is now useless! I still use SE16 on a regular basis because there is nothing comparable that can do what SE16 can.

old Word docs become Unix Executable File

It's the only reason I still use OS 9 at all. MisterMe Registered Jul 31, Open the files from within the application.

How to use EXE files on your MacBook

Tried that. SoundEdit 16 would not even show the files in the "Open" dialog box. In fact, a couple of times the dialog box got stuck, and I had to force quit. Add a compatible extension and try again.

Unix Executable File

That didn't work either. The multi-track SE16 files don't even appear in the "open" dialog box, with or without a. SE16 extension. Is there another?

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One discovery I've made is that the original files, which had been transferred to a Windows laptop drive from the failing external drive are still there, and SE16 can still open them. Seems to be a problem with copying the files from the laptop to the new external drive.

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