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    This process is part of the road verification process to indicate in WME that the road needs these properties added. See the section on confirming details for more information on red roads. The subsection Alternate street names: lists the other names associated with all currently highlighted segments. It does not isolate individual alternate names for each segment, so if you want to be sure all the highlighted segments have a specific alternate name add it all the segments. For any segments that already have the alternate name, it will not be duplicated. The hyperlink titled Add alternate name brings up two selection boxes for the City name and Street name.

    If the City name is not applicable, select the None check box. Enter the street name and press Apply or hit the Enter key on the keyboard. This adds that name to the currently highlighted segments. To delete an alternate street name, click the next to the alternate name to be deleted. This deletes the alternate name for the highlighted segments.

    A future version of the Waze Map Editor is being considered to include road shields as part of the alternate street name field. See the Road types and names page for your country for further guidance on selecting the correct road type.

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    If traffic may travel both ways on the road, select "Two way. Base mapped roads are originally assigned the direction of unknown. When the direction is set to "Unknown", Waze automatically adjusts the directionality of the road as Wazers drive it. When editing, make every effort to determine the correct direction of the road and choose either "Two-way" or the appropriate "One-way" direction. See the article determining one-way streets for more information on determining the direction of a road as being one way or two way.

    The speed limit fields are shown for the segment. These fields should be updated with the official speed limit as shown on speed limit signs. In some locations Waze has run a program to predict speed limits and assign the assumption to segments. When a segment has an assumed speed limit, the limit will be ignored by the app until an editor verifies it.

    WME displays a Verified check box next to the speed limit field. If you can verify that the speed limit shown is correct, check the Verified box.

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    • If you find it to be incorrect, replace the Waze-supplied speed limit with the correct speed limit there is no need to check the Verified box. Either way, once you save, WME will stop displaying the Verified check box, since it is only needed until verified or corrected.

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      The Road Elevation should be changed where one road passes over another. By default, the Elevation of a segment is Ground zero. When two segments overlap but do not actually connect in the real world, the value of Elevation for each segment must be different. This ensures that the Waze problem detection system doesn't flag the spot where two segments overlap as a location where a junction might be needed. The Client App displays segment elevation based on the road type only, meaning Freeways are always on top, Major Highways are next, followed by Minor Highways, Ramps next, Primary Streets below all those, and finally Streets are at the bottom.

      viptarif.ru/wp-content/torrent/846.php This is the same order seen when setting the road type in the editor. It displays the road with the highest "elevation" number at the top of the visual stack and works its way down as would be expected. Although the client application does not benefit from the Road Elevation setting, it is recommended to set the Road Elevation relative to the physical mapping in the real world to enable possible future Client application updates to show the same visual representation as the WME.

      Elevation -5 is used for non-drivable roads to help ensure that the routing engine does not try to connect or route drivers from roads onto non-roads by mistake. It acts to prevent false system reporting that the roads should be connected.

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      See Bridges for more information on elevation. Estes atalhos funcionam sempre que a caixa de ferramentas estiver aberta, independentemente da ferramenta ativa. Toggle toolbox between the last 2 docking modes new in Firefox Estes atalhos funcionam enquanto o selecionador de nodo estiver ativo. Este atalhos funcionam quando a barra de breadcrumbs estiver focada. Estes atalhos funcionam quando estiver no painel de Inspetor CSS. By default, on some Macs, the function key is remapped to use a special feature: for example, to change the screen brightness or the volume.