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Finally, go to the Display settings and Deactivate the Sleep mode: There are then two ways to install Instagram on your Mac. The first one is the only one that definitely works at the moment. The second method used to work but at the time of writing, is affected by a bug:.

Click on the Download button at the bottom: The download will start in the top left of the screen. Drag this down with the mouse and click on the downloaded file: When you click on the file, the Instagram installation process will start on your Mac: Then simply follow the installation process. There will be a non essential warning about Google security settings which you can Accept or Decline — whichever you prefer.

At the end of it, Instagram will be installed on your Mac. Just follow the installation instructions. If this does not work for you, try method 1. Clicking on that gives access to your Pictures folder from which you can upload images to Instagram from your Mac. In summary, we highly recommend Flume Pro as it offers the easiest way to both view and upload photos and videos to Instagram from Mac.

Android Emulator Rotate Mac

If you have any other problems or questions using Instagram on your Mac, let us know in the comments below. Just create a new folder in your Pictures folder on your Mac and use that instead. Do you mean you managed to install Instagram for Mac using the instructions above but the next day when you opened Bluestacks, Instagram had disappeared? No this was last week after following the steps with a friend that showed me this. Try using this version of Bluestacks instead.

On Windows :

The easiest way of getting iPhoto pictures into Bluestacks is to simply take a screenshot of them and then save them in your Pictures folder and upload them to Instagram on your Mac that way. Please help! I had many problems getting Instagram and ES File Manager, but following this post solved my problems. Thank you very much for this document, and thank you raiden Unity forum!!! Thanks so much, your work is so helpful and easy to follow. I get an error the app is not responding.

Sometimes I get the same error. Sometimes it works. PS, the link you give to download bluestacks for Mac at the start of these instructions is linked to a PC version. Hi Guy, Glad it helped you install Instagram on your Mac. The link you mention simply links to the Bluestacks homepage but they have now withdrawn the Bluestacks download for Mac so it only goes to the PC version now. Thanks for this, but when i do that i get an error that brings me back to the play store that says the same as before.

Not sure why this is happening for you. Hope it helps. The article has now been revised to explain how to do it.

Let us know if you have problems. Hi thanks for this.

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Hi Richard, Sorry this comment was missed. Let us know if it helps. I installed virtual box and everything went well. For some reason when I click to upload a photo on instagram the app just shuts down. Please help. You could also try closing any other applications that are running on your Mac and in VirtualBox as advised by Instagram. Method 1 problem. Macbook air, OS X Yosemite v Thanks for this excellent post, BTW.

If you have access to one, what you could try doing is connecting a USB webcam camera instead to see if VirtualBox and Instagram will accept that instead. While the Chrome extension would certainly make life much easier, my impression is that it will only let me access an existing Instagram account, but not create a new one. It used to be possible to create an Instagram account using Bluestacks Android emulator on Mac but Bluestacks no longer works on Mac. Great rundown of options…been trying to figure this out for a while!

As instructed, when I click the login button the page rotates to the appropriate position. Glad it helped you! Trying hitting F12 twice quickly and as long as screen rotation is enabled, it should rotate 90 degrees to the left. When I click the post button It just brings me back to the android home screen. Any suggestions?

Rotate android emulator to landscape mode manually

Unfortunately there are little glitches like this that seem to affect some users and not others. The only suggestion is to try and reinstalling by following the tutorial again as something may have gone wrong with your current install. To remove all programs used by Genymotion, you may also uninstall the VirtualBox application. In this case, repeat steps 2 and 3 for the VirtualBox application.

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On Linux, why does an error message state that Genymotion requires VirtualBox whereas it is installed on my computer? What are the VirtualBox versions compatible with Genymotion? How to install VirtualBox on Fedora? How to remove an host only interface? Why does an error message state that VirtualBox is not installed whereas I have successfully downloaded and installed Genymotion?

Installation My installer doesn't start. How can I check its integrity?


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The Best Android emulator macOS High Sierra

When starting Genymotion on Linux, why does an error message state that Qt library versions are incompatible? Can my firewall disrupt Genymotion? What is the best network configuration for an optimal use of Genymotion? Why doesn't Genymotion run with my VPN client? How can I establish a TCP session to my virtual device? Virtual devices In command line, how do I differentiate a "Genymotion on Demand virtual device" from a "Genymotion Desktop virtual device"? What is the maximum amount of Genymotion devices I can start on a physical machine?

Why can't I add a virtual device from the Available virtual devices list? Why can't I find the virtual device I need in the Available virtual devices list? Why can't I deploy some third-party devices Amazon, Nokia, etc. When I start a virtual device, why does Genymotion freeze or crash? When I start a virtual device, why does the window remain black? When I start a virtual device, why does an error message state that Genymotion can't load OpenGL libraries?

How do I start a virtual device from a command prompt? How do I configure proxy settings in my virtual device?

Improved Android Emulation with Genymotion

How do I generate an archive containing Genymotion logs of a virtual device? Where is my virtual device logcat file stored? How do I automatically connect my virtual device to the ADB tool?

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