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But has the strategy worked?

You can use Photoshop for free if you know what you're doing

According to information released to investors last month, Adobe exited quarter two this year with 2,, subscribers of its Creative Cloud service, an increase of , over the first quarter of No surprise then that on The Pirate Bay, Photoshop CS6 — the last version of Photoshop before the cloud switch — is king of the software downloads by a long way. Expected functional restrictions aside, torrent sites have plenty of working copies of Creative Cloud releases, but is this necessarily a bad thing?

There are those who believe that some level of piracy is useful as a try-before-you-buy option on a traditionally expensive product such as Photoshop. Add yours? So have the pirates given up on Adobe? In a word, no.

And Adobe knows it. Tagged in: Adobe Newer Post. For a faster download experience, we can use a download accelerator, such as BitComet. We can not install it on current models with Intel CPUs. So, it's only possible to download Photoshop CS2 for Windows. Coincidentally, was the year that Steve Jobs announced the transition for Macintosh computer to Intel CPUs , and the first Intel-based models went for sale in January So, if CS2 had come out a year later, there would probably be compatibility with Intel Macs.

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The most observant among you have noticed that is is the serial number Adobe provides at the download page. Apparently, it's a special serial number that does not require an internet activation. When we start Photoshop, we will get a "Registration" screen, which we can safely ignore.

However, no matter if we select "Register Later" or "Do Not Register," we will keep getting it every time we start Photoshop. And this is it. The environment where many graphic designers, photographers, architects, engineers, artists had worked for hours each day in and the following years. Photoshop CS2 is fully functional at the latest version of Windows 10, which is Creators Update, as of this writing. Shortly after launching, Adobe Updater will open. Since there is nothing to update, we can clear the checkbox.

As opposed to the registration prompt, the updater won't bother us again.

How to get Adobe Photoshop for FREE (Legally)

Even though we downloaded Photoshop from Adobe, and didn't use any illegitimate ways to activate it, we don't own a CS2 license. Adobe makes it abundantly clear that the particular website is for CS2 license owners.

Get a Free Photoshop Download Legally from Adobe (Not a Torrent)

Therefore, if you have a business, we urge you to consult your lawyer on whether it is lawful to download Photoshop CS2 and use it for free. With other free image editing applications like GIMP , which is quite easy to make it look and work like Photoshop , there is no question of legitimacy for professional use. There is also no guarantee that it will be possible to download Photoshop for free with this method in six months, a year, or in the distant future. Adobe had removed the links once in the past, and they might do it again. However, if you download the installation file, you can use Adobe's serial number to install Photoshop for free as many times as you like.

Lastly, we tested the Photoshop download and installation in the newest Creators Update version of Windows It is possible that it will not work on a future Windows 10 versions. Anything in the guide did not work as we described? Did you have any trouble downloading Photoshop? Did everything go swimmingly? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Get Photoshop for Free | Digital Trends

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