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Setting up a Mac laptop to display content on a projector

The computer reverts to the last used resolution after 15 seconds. After you hear the startup noise, hold down the "Shift" key.

After the Mac has booted, choose a new resolution in "Display" under "System Preferences. In Ubuntu, at a command prompt, delete the "monitors. Helen White has been a writer for more than 15 years.

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When I reboot, the monitor shows the apple logo with the progress bar. It then goes blank and the monitor reports an out of range error.

Second Monitor says out of range

If I plug another monitor or the same monitor in to the second DVI port without the other monitor being on, the monitor in question displays the login screen without issue. I'm confused as to what is going on as when I shutdown the monitor is fine. Power down. Disconnect all but the monitor with the issue, which I'd plug into the port with the issue.

source link Remove the mains cable from the back for 15 seconds. Plug back in. Wait another 5 seconds, power on. I've had a couple of Mac Pros over the years, with several different graphics cards.

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They all seem to get this type of monitor 'memory loss' periodically. Check a working account to see if you need the file.

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If you are sure you have your resolution set at a reasonable amount, make sure that your monitor is plugged in all the way. Actually, if you're like me, that might be the first thing to check.

If you are using Windows, hold down the F8 key while the computer is starting up and choose "Safe Mode" from the list of options that appears on the screen. This should force the display to be a low enough resolution so that it will work.