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S halfway around the world or his family at home in Pittsburgh, those who knew him or knew of him were consistently uplifted by his music, thoughts, and personality. It was the first independent debut album to top the Billboard in sixteen years. To echo the sentiments of many social media users, it felt like we all knew him personally. To commemorate his natural talent, powerful music, and influential lyrics, we have compiled some of his greatest songs of all time.

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Pursuit to be happy, only laughing like a child. Why we chose this song : This was a Mac Miller staple song. It has his classic old sound, iconic word play, and radiating, positive lyrics that leave an impact on the listener. The music video also has footage of Mac rapping when he was a toddler. Why we chose this song : To remember Mac Miller properly is to remember his resilient, fearless personality.

[Video] Mac Miller x The Internet – “Space Migration Sessions” (Dir: Rex Arrow Films)

The hook of this song is a bit difficult to listen to right after his death, but there is so much truth to it. Mac stayed true to himself until his final days. Why we chose this song : This song appears to be a love song about a girl. Not only was this song painful at the time after Mac explained its paralleled meaning, but each line now is haunting considering his recent overdose. This is his trademark sound from his earlier work. Mac raps over an upbeat track about a fun skip day from high school in this song from K. Favorite quote : The whole song. Why we chose this song : From his most recent album, Swimming , this song addresses his DUI and the public perception of the incident.

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Two years ago you were here, doing your first London show. I had three months to make an album.

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I was thinking, this is crazy! Gimme gimme gimme! But making Watching Movies , I took nine months to sit in my house. I grew more in those nine months than I have ever grown in my life.

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  4. For the first time in two years, I feel at the top of my game again. Do you feel much more accepted by the rap community now? I believe in myself now, that I know what to do. Before I seeked so much guidance, like, what do I do?

    10. "Youforia"

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    If JAY Z came into the building and was like, I think this is the song, you should go with this song. Which is crazy. Obviously, I still fan out, and freak out. But it takes a little bit to get used to the fact that I am who I used to look up to. That one article you did was fucking awesome. Like, I sat with Kanye. Let me get into my shit. I need to get there. If we go back to the beginning, you had no tattoos. This is what happened. At first, we were like, Most Dope , we can profit off it.

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    But I am, actually, about to make some money off it. Just a little bit. On the side. To pay off some debts. Because they were growing in music. But at that time, when Lennon said it, they burned albums. This is my quote that I made up.

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    The difference between the artists that these kids look up to, these new age prophets, is that, if this was the s, Kanye is Jesus. We are the prophets. This is when I stopped caring about the meaning of a tattoo. I want to get the Yellow Submarine on my right leg, because it saved me from a bad acid trip. I was with The Internet, talking to Matt and Syd.