Meg mac lyrics grandmas hands

That shit is so phoned in it's cringeworthy.

I swear every one of my friends has voted for it in the hottest too. FUCK I hate that song..

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It has literally no imagination that went into the backing track and the lyrics or lack of are retarded. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

What is that one song played on Triple J this year that makes you tune out?

What is that one song played on Triple J this year that makes you tune out? Bugatti, fortunately I haven't heard it much. Continue this thread. I hate that Grandmas Hands one by Meg Mac.

Bruno Mars. Yellow flicker beat by Borde. Porter Robinson - Flicker.

Karaoke Grandma's Hands - Bill Withers *

The doctor. Handsome Dan?

Скачать Grandmas Hands - Meg Mac KARAOKE ACOUSTIC/PIANO/ORCHESTRAL - смотреть онлайн

I change lanes.. Fuck that track.

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More from this album Repeat Shuffle Home Grandma's Hands Lyrics. This song is currently unavailable in your area. Grandma's Hands Song Lyrics Grandma's hands clapped in church on Sunday morning, Grandma's hands played the tambourine so well, Oh, grandma's hands used to issue out a warning, And she'd say 'Billy, don't you run so fast, you might fall on a piece of glass, There might be snakes there in that grass,' Grandma's hands.