Mac os x coresymbolicationd process

OSX 10.14 Mojave Commands Man Page Section: 1

However it may be possible to cause a crash resulting in arbitrary code execution, leading to a jump from the data plane to the control plane [R. By supplying oversized payloads in input vectors that will be processed by the XML parser, an attacker can cause the XML parser to consume more resources while processing, causing excessive memory consumption and CPU utilization, and potentially cause execution of arbitrary code. In many cases this type of an attack will result in a denial of service due to an application becoming unstable, freezing, or crash.

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However it is possible to cause a crash resulting in arbitrary code execution, leading to a jump from the data plane to the control plane [R. These adverse effects may include the parser crashing, consuming too much of a resource, executing too slowly, executing code supplied by an attacker, allowing usage of unintended system functionality, etc.

File create fails in /System/Library/Caches | Macintosh notes

In some cases it may be possible to jump from the data plane to the control plane via bad data being passed to an XML parser. Shall I delete it or is there a good reason to keep it? A cache file taking up so huge space ought to be beneficial to the user, no?

Posted on Aug 15, PM. That's excessively large.

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You can delete it after backing up all data, then reboot. There's a slight chance that you'll be unable to boot; in that case, boot in Recovery mode and reinstall OS X. Aug 15, PM.

Page content loaded. That folder should not even be accessible to the user. That leads me to believe you should leave it alone. There is nothing odd about it's size.

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I've done it, restart is smooth, nothing peculiar happened, except for the extra 7. However I agree with you, deleting hidden system caches shouldn't be done very often, apple kept it hidden for a reason. Question: Q: What is coresymbolicationd, what's it used for and why it's taking up 7.

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