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When your Mac lags and you need some fresh memory, you may choose to quit all apps. Dragging files to the Trash? Wait, this is not the only option. But here comes the combination to take your screenshotting skills to the new level. Normally you would make a screenshot, pick it from your desktop, and only then paste it to the new location.

It appears, all this time you could do it easier.

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Sometimes your screen is so obscured by windows it would take years to click through to the desktop. Thank goodness, there is a Mac keystroke combination designed for people like us: the folks who are drowning in an ocean of windows. It finds files faster than Finder and intuitively predicts what are you after. To open Spotlight right on the spot sorry for the pun , use this magic combo. A truly psychedelic key combination.

Remap quit and close tab shortcut keys etc in Mac OS X

This shortcut inverts all the colors on your Mac's screen to their opposites. Try it, and your world will never be the same. On the flip side, you can find a few practical applications for this command, for example, to adjust your screen to different lighting. This one can be a real savior if you accidentally closed an important tab in a browser, like that pancake recipe or payment confirmation.

No, the following Mac shortcut is not about the force shutdown. Learn this one, quickly finish your work and finally go outside. Among all Mac keyboard commands, this is the easiest. Well, not exactly a shortcut, but indeed the quickest way to get more storage on your Mac. This combination of actions will free up dozens of gigabytes of space taken by garbage: unwanted files, system junk, app leftovers, etc.

25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Try and see how it cleans your Mac. CleanMyMac is available for a free download here. Finder is quite a resource-demanding tool. When you open a new Finder window it usually takes some time. For quicker access to your main destinations like Applications or Desktop, you can use the following shortcut combinations. To quickly access Finder folders:. Having hundreds of opened tabs in a browser has become a widespread syndrome nowadays. Closing tabs with a mouse is not only frustrating but also may freeze up your browser. Using a direct shortcut makes this job easy as a morning walk. You want to copy a piece of the text, but the old formatting drags along with it.

Get faster at using your Mac with these great keyboard shortcuts

Now you spend more time formatting rather than actually creating a text. To strip the text from old styling, use the following Mac hotkeys combination. A very good one to stretch your fingers.

Probably this is the easiest documented shortcut key for a Mac. To enter special symbols, like those lamdas, tildas, and alfas, you need to press just one key. For instance, if you need to type a modified E, hold down the E key for one second and then choose among available variations that appear. Now you can use it in every second line to add some roughness to your writing.

The next combination works for most apps that allow printing. If you want to screenshot a selection from your screen, this shortcut will give you the option to select what you want in a box and save it as a file on your desktop. Use this shortcut to find all misspelled words in a given document. By holding command and continuously hitting the semicolon ; it will cycle through the misspelled words.

Hide the windows of the application that is currently running. While fairly common, this shortcut is an important one. Use this to "undo" the previous action. This shortcut operates as a "redo" functionality to put back the last change that was undone with an "undo" function. While working in text, use the command key with one of the arrow keys to move the cursor to different parts of a document. Using command with the left arrow key will move it to the beginning of the current line, while using it with the right arrow key will move it to the end of the current line.

Using it with the up arrow will move it to the beginning of the document, while the down arrow will move it to the end of the document. For those who may have moved from a PC to a Mac, this shortcut will operate like the delete key on a Windows PC, deleting the character in front of your cursor.

In the currently frontrunning application, using this shortcut will activate the next window in line in that application.

Top 10 Mac keyboard shortcuts

Once you have selected a file or folder, use this shortcut to quickly get the information on the file or folder that is selected. This shortcut opens a folder in a separate window, while simultaneously closing the current window. Using this shortcut will move any selected items to the trash. Editor's note on March 6, This Apple article was first published in March Since then, we have included a video, added more productivity tips, and updated the related resources.

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