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XSplit Broadcaster. Corel Video Studio.

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Logic Pro. VJ Tools Resolume software supports all UltraStudio capture and playback products straight out of the box! Streaming UltraStudio is fully compatible with popular video and audio streaming software so you can get your live stream to millions of online viewers!

Next Page Installation. Camera III - connecting to cameras and external video sources. Player - playing video and audio clips. PowerPoint - showing PowerPoint slideshows. Scoreboard - overlay that can be updated with team scores. Effect -combining multiple video sources PiP and chroma keying. Replay - storing and playing replays, RAM version.

Replay II - storing and playing replays, Disk version. On the other end of the spectrum, other video broadcast software is available for free. Still others, like OBS Studio, are open-source. Whichever app you choose, it must be compatible with your setup.

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This aspect generally interfaces with the capture devices you use. Typically, these devices are capture cards that you install inside a desktop computer, or boxes that you plug in externally browse popular models here. Additionally, choose video broadcast software that is compatible with any hardware in your live streaming setup. For example, such hardware could include audio mixers, camera switchers, and more.

Unfortunately, some of the best video broadcast software available is not compatible with Mac OS. Each of these apps is widely used on Windows platforms to stream live. If you use Windows, any of these is suitable for a wide range of uses. This disparity is most likely a holdover from the former era of consumers who overall chose Windows over Mac OS.

Windows has long been the standard in the broadcast industry, mainly due to hardware and software compatibility. However, this trend has changed in recent years. Mac computers are becoming more and more popular among a variety of users. In particular, broadcasters in particular are quickly adopting to the Mac OS.

For earlier reviews of Windows-compatible video broadcast software, check out our previous blog post. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives for video broadcast software on a Mac. First up is the popular OBS Studio. OBS Studio is free.

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There is absolutely no cost associated with using this application. Moreover, OBS Studio is an open-source, which means that anyone can manipulate the code. OBS has a fairly broad feature set, including the following:. However, it does offer an active and comprehensive forum , which is a great place to ask questions and get answers. To learn how to stream using OBS Studio with a Mac, click here , or check out the video tutorial below:. Wirecast provides a wide range of services and software for audiovisual uses.

Unlike OBS Studio, Wirecast is a high-end live streaming software package with some great functionality. Wirecast offers two versions: Studio and Pro.

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Additional Wirecast upgrades are available, including:. Wirecast is a very capable application. Among its features are the following:. This makes the transition much easier. Wirecast is available for both Mac and Windows at the same price. Telestream provides a list of supported cameras, webcams, capture cards, and other hardware here. For a detailed tutorial on Wirecast 7, click here. Wirecast 12 is now available as of ; read here to learn more about Wirecast versions and compatibility.

As we mentioned above, hardware encoders are viable alternatives to video broadcast software. Hardware encoders pack the basic functionality of live stream encoding software into a single dedicated piece of equipment. They can be small and simple for mobile streaming, or larger and rack-mounted for studio use. For many years, NewTek has been one of the top broadcast equipment companies on the market.