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Power BI is one of the most user friendly BI software for adding visual representation and analytics to your existing reports. Overall good software for beginners and can be explored to get the best efficiency from the software. Sharing can be done once you have the Pro version of Power BI. Dashboard can be shared with the respective department members or your own team members.

Since you have prepared the dashboard you will be the owner and you can decide whether you want to give the other members only viewing rights or editing rights as well. With this feature reports will always be on the cloud server and can be viewed as and when required d.

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Reports can be downloaded as and when required. Once a dashboard has been prepared and saved, the same can be accessed on Power BI App with the same login. Since the screen is small compared to laptop, all the dashboard elements can be redesigned to suit the phone screen. The other features remain the same and the dashboard is interactive on the phone as well however it cannot be edited on phone. This is one of the most important features of Power BI.

Hence Management reports and department reports can be automated on Power BI and once you refresh the data, the report will be ready to share. One problem is that few images which are not compatible with PowerPoint dont show post downloading. Narratives for dashboard a.

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This is one of the recent features offered by Power BI. With the help of narratives you can get the insight of the dashboard in a story form. Narrative uses its intelligence to study the data and give output in pointers, paragraphs etc which can be customised.

The New Era of Competitive Advantage for Software Companies

Importing visuals to suit your need a. Apart from the general visualizations available in Power BI, there are additional visualizations released by Power BI from time to time. These visualizations enhance the visual appearance as well as the adds to further analytics in different ways. Edit interactions in dashboard a. It is important to understand the interactions and groupings in power BI since with the help of these you can control which graphs you want to automatically change by clicking on the other. With the help of grouping you can define groups and sub group which can be viewed together as a group if required.

KPI Column Chart a. This is a recent custom visual developed by Power BI.

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With the help of this visual you can put the KPI target against the actual on a monthly basis. Individual monthly targets can also be put which can be interchanged by putting variance. Data can also been viewed in a table form along with graphical. One of the important features of exporting report in PowerPoint does not allow custom visual to be exported. Hence if there are custom visuals in your report then the same will show error once exported. Arranging dashboard is a bit tedious and takes a lot of time To share reports, we need to publish to MS Cloud.

Since the department to whom report is shared is just to view giving them a Pro license might not be useful.

Jimmy from Distributed Solutions, Inc. Company Size: employees. Industry: Computer Software. Time Used: More than 2 years. All in all, for the price, this is an excellent tool for helping your organization turn mounds of data into useful insights. Power BI simplifies the process of combining different types of data sources to create a single data model. There are also many built-in Extract, Transform, and Load ETL functions that help reduce the time required to prepare data. Creating reports and dashboards is as easy as drag and drop.

The Power BI User Groups are strong and plentiful, so you can always read through blogs to get answers to questions that you may have. The reports are published to the Power BI cloud service for sharing, which is also free with limited capabilities. For more capabilities, such as security groups and scheduled data refreshing, there is a subscription fee. Microsoft will be releasing an on-premise solution for sharing Power BI content via an update to SQL Server hopefully within the next few months.

Also, you have to sign up to the Power BI service using an email address in order to share and view Power BI reports and dashboards, but Microsoft doesn't yet support personal. Company Size: , employees. Review Source: Capterra. I have been using PowerBI from the past 3 years and have never looked back.

It has helped me as an analyst to draw my clients into my stories. The automation aspect of PowerBI is hard to ignore. I have shared my dashboards and collaborated with teams which was a nightmare before. I love the addition of new features resulting from a dedicate community of PowerBI users with very responsive Microsoft developers jumping in to solve issues. Mobile version of PowerBI is convenient and a hit with clients. I love everything about PowerBI! I like to think of it as a revamped version of MS Excel but with features that exceed all expectations.

PowerBI lets you create data models, use DAX to manipulate and summarise and finally display these summaries in fancy yet easy to understand visualisations. The best feature might however be the ability to share and collaborate on dashboards.

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PowerBI can take data from almost all possible sources - text, excel, SQL databases etc etc and integrate it all together to form dashboards that can be shared online in the form of webpages as well as workspaces. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about PowerBI.

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The free version of PowerBI is a great learning tool and lets you accomplish almost all your reporting tasks while the paid version lets you automate all your reporting. Carlos from alcecal. Time Used: Less than 2 years. Power Bi its changing the way we interact with data, information and decision making. Data is the new petroleum, Information is the new combustible; and Power BI will boost this challenging new world of information and analysis.

That was great. But now, with the huge amount of data, available from many sources and Excel limitations, we needed something more robust and Microsoft launched Power BI. I have been using it for more than a year. Now I dont use pivot tables and graphs for analysis anymore, I use Power BI visualizations to represent and summarize the data. With its impressive tools including geolocalization, I have found more effective ways to convert, transform, represent, analyze and make better decisions and planning with Power BI. Its ecosystem composed of Power Bi Desktop, Power BI Services in the cloud and Power Bi apps, has allowed me to find very innovative and productive ways to monitor the performance of my business and improve communication with my clients.

It is in continuous development. The first week of each month, Microsoft releases a new version of Power Bi, so we have to keep us updated to use the program efficiently. But the pros outweigh the cons. Raghavendra from Aston University. Industry: Higher Education. Power BI is a very powerful tool to graphically represent data for decision making. Overall, Power BI has been a game changer. The time saved on creating visual reports is immense and it makes up for some of the cons with software. They are constantly improving and adding new features which shows that they are listening to their customers.

The vast no. Apart from this, the ability to connect to excel and text files means we can make the legacy report more visual and fit it into our dashboard. The best of Power BI is the possibility of collaborating and sharing dashboards and dynamic reports so everyone is singing of the same hymn sheet. The large community of developers means there are constantly new visuals available which can used to awe the customers. Power BI could involve steep learning curve for non-tech savvy people.

It is difficult t convince managers to use Power BI over traditional pivot tables as it could be daunting to learn. Although Power BI can be a little difficult to use it is still a great tool for creating graphs and charts for presentations. It is also great for compiling and analyzing data and creating dashboards.

Metabase has helped these fine folks learn more about their data.

I like Power BI because it offers a professional look to presentations. I am able to create and manage dashboards for my various projects. I can upload data from other tools like Excel and use the data to add to or update my dashboards. The tool can be a little confusing making it difficult to learn and use. Claudia from Telus. Industry: Telecommunications. Overall Power BI has helped me saving time by not having to move from one excel dile to another and waiting for large files to load, now, i have all the necessary information in 1 tool.

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Having all the necessary information at my fingertips already digested and analyzed for me has made my daily coaching easier. I am able to see a broad amount of information summed up into individual graphs that help me understand the current performance of a person and helps me identify the area i need to focus my coaching in. At first when it was implemented it was hard for me to understand the logic of thw tool. It was difficult for me to not focus on the granularity and understand the big picture first and then start diving in.