Fifa 11 for mac free

I did encounter one unfortunate bug, a fix for which I can only assume will be forthcoming.

You can customize FIFA 11 to your liking. The game sports five difficulty levels, ranging from Beginner to All-Pro. My very best match ended in a tie.

FIFA 11 for the Mac (Part 2)

You can also control the length of the game, toggle injuries on and off, control the audio, the camera angles and zoom level, and more. If you try to zoom out too much—which leads to including more players on the screen at once—lag can become an issue. The game smartly employs cut scenes with graphics that I find truly impressive for the iPhone. The in-game camera work is well-done, too.

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Amateurs like me can take advantage of a detailed practice mode built into the game, where you can try out numerous game situations ad infinitum. Console sports gamers know that the mobile versions of titles like FIFA 11 are forced to punt on some features and fine-grained controls. What FIFA 11 keeps, though, is tremendously impressive, and truly shows off some of the best sports gaming the iPhone can offer.

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