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You know what shoots and prints all at once?


Duh, instant cameras! Then put more tape down where the people will stand—indicate the center of the frame, as well as the outer edges.

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So get creative with a funky backdrop. You could pick one up on Etsy or just pinch their ideas. Once your background rocks, take it up a notch with awesome props. Photojojo sells some fun props too, like a chalkboard speech bubble , the ubiquitous mustaches , and these cute pennants. To get the Google Cloud Print service talking to your printer, start here. This story, "How to rig up a photo booth for your holiday party" was originally published by TechHive. Upgrade to massive, fast, Editors' Choice award-winning storage for cheap today.

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7 Tips For Creating A Simple DIY Photobooth

A better option for working wirelessly is to invest in wireless radio transmitters which trigger the flash without requiring a direct line-of-sight. If you want to take your photo booth to the next level, you can add additional lights. Extra flashes can be pointed at the background to eliminate shadows and fill lights can be used to eliminate any strong shadows on your models. Hot shoe flashes work great for both of these. Pick a spot against a wall, near an outlet, and away from too much traffic one errant foot could bring your lights crashing down.

Set up your backdrop, move three feet in front of it and tape an X on the ground. This marks the general area where people should pose. If you want shadows behind your subjects, move the marker closer to the background. If you prefer less shadow, bring it closer to the camera. The camera and soft box will be approximately the same distance from your subject.

What that distance is depends entirely on how you want to compose your photos. If you have space, full body shots are great for capturing colorful outfits and giving people room to goof around. A tighter crop waist up gives you that old-school photo booth feel and it works great in cramped events.

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  4. Choose a backdrop.
  5. This should give you even lighting with just enough defining shadows. The top image was taken with one light, the second with an additional fill light pointed at the background, and the third with props. If you have a hand held light meter, use it to test your lights and go by its recommended settings.

    Part 2: The Versatile Guide to Use Photo Booth APP on iPad

    Next, look at the test images and tweak your aperture until you have your desired look. Give your photo booth extra appeal by shooting tethered to a laptop. Each image will instantly pop up on your screen much to the delight of your guests.

    Best of all, dslrBooth supports you with guidance on their impressive support site, video tutorials and highly experienced support team. For more information on dslrBooth Photo Booth Software, visit www.

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    FreeBooth - The freeware for your DIY photo booth

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