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Posted: March 3.

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March 3 by Dan. Dan danj. Self employed contract worker. Your system can only support the older Mac OS-X. It was very novel in its day. If your system is working tinker around with it. If the system is not working or you want to get more out of it, then maybe you might strip the case down and install an Intel based logic board - Hackintosh within a Power Mac! Posted: March 4. The highest system your machine will take is Reed Crosby reedcrosby.

Back Answers Index. However when I went to test the configuration in the case, I realized I am going to need a 90 degree adapter for where it meets the graphics card. There isn't clearance between the GFX card and the back of the case for these to bend properly. I created this in 3D Studio Max: I'll be fabricating a bracket that will secure all the plugs. The bracket will be secured to the case using 6 tiny screws that will hopefully take advantage of the natural holes in the case and will not be too visible on the outside.

The stock G5 rear fan assembly was held in place using a similar method, so perhaps I can take some cues from that. Next steps: -Order right-angle PCI express adaper -Order 2 more panel-mount audio plugs silly me for forgetting the first time -Find a panel-mount FireWire adapter.

Lots to do. Last edited: Jul 2, Jul 2, 8. Your board might have support for optical output maybe input too. Jul 2, 9. Messages: 2 Joined: Jul 1, I would just like to say that is a dope computer! Jul 2, Messages: Joined: Jun 25, NSS , Jul 2, Messages: 2, Joined: Jan 12, Yes this will be ultra nice when it is done.

Jul 3, So today I went ahead and created the rear panel bracket. No FW yet but it can easily be added once the adapter arrives in the mail. I'll need to have it in hand in order to drill proper holes for it. Also missing one of the audio cables still. First step was the bore out the mount holes to allow each screw to sit flush inside: And here is the stack completed: Here is the panel in progress. I intend to shave down the edges and get it squared up: Testing it in the case.

Fits in there pretty snug!

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Alignment of the ports is pretty decent. The audio is the only one that is not quite aligned and is also set too far back. I'm also considering pulling out the plastic rim that lines each of the ports. I had to sand it down a bit already, but even still it is keeping the Firewire and ethernet ports from sitting flush with the case. Removing the plastic rim may help that. Last edited: Jul 3, Messages: 7, Joined: Jun 22, Jul 4, Messages: 20, Joined: Oct 14, Nice work man, will definitely keep my eyes on once this is done.

PowerMac G5 Hackintosh with original PSU and cooling

AthlonXP , Jul 4, Messages: 3, Joined: Dec 8, Interesting way about modding a G5, and detailed. Will keep an eye it. Good work. Trim the metal down to the stock size. There is no comparison in sound quality over optical vs 3. Optical is the best way for 5. Messages: 1, Joined: May 30, Wow, this is awesome. I love your approach to this mod. Keep up the great work, looking forward to see future updates. Jesse B , Jul 4, Jul 6, Thanks for the comments guys! Much appreciated. I am fairly new at modding, but am doing my best. Not a lot to report. I ordered my missing audio cables, and I'm still looking for a right angle PCIe adapter.

All the ones I have found face the wrong direction.

I need the male end to be facing downward, towards the motherboard as seen in the diagram below , but every one I can find is configured in a way that would make the male end face upwards. If anybody has any idea where to find an adapter like this, I'm all ears!

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And here is the design for new heat zone separators. Using the stock ones would require a great deal of modification anyway, and they are made of steel thicker than what I believe I would be able to cut through. So i've decided to just fabricate my own: They'll use all the original mounting hardware, and will even allow the stock intake fan fixture to slide securely into the slot just as the original did. There will be an intake fan in the middle heat zone that should supply enough fresh air to cool both. In the diagram above, you can also see my non-standard motherboard standoff height.

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I intend to raise the motherboard 1. The only possibly issue I see with this is that the height of my CPU cooler will be slightly limited, but I usually do not go for the bigger coolers anyway. Accessing the cables once the motherboard is place on might also be a chore, but hopefully I can avoid that with some clever cable planning.

How do I manually update a old Mac?

Last edited: Jul 6, You could flip the flexible extender end? Jul 7, Can you pull the ribbon cable past the GPU and fold it over to change the direction? That wont work I don't think. Desoulder resoulder? Messages: 12, Joined: Feb 21, Why not use the apple watercooling stuff, just make a new bracket for the block?

Bbq , Jul 7, Last edited: Jul 7, I just ordered a batch of some DIY parts from performance-pcs. This mod is all about learning and doing things i've never done before, so I'm going to crimp my own Molex cables for the Apple fans. I found a forum post full of information and diagrams on how to convert all the Apple fans to 4 pin Molex.

Also grabbed some fan meshes for the rear fans. Still need to design a mounting bracket for them too.

The Ultimate Ryzen Hackintosh!

I've never bought heat-shrink before. Hopefully the sizes I chose will work. Jul 16, Messages: 54 Joined: Jun 23, Messages: Joined: Mar 13, I always loved the G5 cases though I think the Quicksilver G4s may have been my favorite even if they weighed 2 tons.

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MattyC , Jul 16, Messages: 4, Joined: Feb 15, I did consider the Ryzen X and X in place of my K but they lose to the k overclocked in games. The AMD Ryzen 7 family has fallen earlier this week, carrying a heavy blow to the entire stack of high-end products from Intel. The expected Hackintosh is still in the proof-of-concept stage and the DIY procedure will take time. I did this to confirm that my hardware works. Show off your rig! Please ensure you read the Guidelines before posting. Read More That is the safe bet to get a hackintosh now and it will be fast enough for everything you can do in OS X.