Best mac system monitor widget

Monitor System Stats, CPU Temp, Fan Speed in Mac Notification Center

Thanks to the Monity widget, I can monitor my MacBook Pro's battery cycles along with a boatload of other system information. It installs as a widget in the Notification Center, providing a host of information that's only a click away. After installing Monity, you will need to add the widget to Notification Center. To do so, click the list icon in the upper-right corner of your Mac to open the Notification Center panel.

15 Mac Menu Bar Apps You Should Check Out

Next, click the Today button at the top as opposed to Notifications. With the Monity widget added to Notification Center, you will be able monitor certain system information. Four panels are installed by default: System, Memory, Network and Battery.

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Editable dropdown graph colors. Improved accessibility.

iStatistica Sensors Monitoring Plug-in

Improved and new localisations 36 languages in total. Weather Quickly glance at current conditions in your menubar, or dive into an incredibly detailed hourly forecast and weekly weather overview, covering low and high temperature, wind speed and direction, chance of rain, humidity, dew point, UV index, pressure, visibility and more.

Notifications iStat Menus can notify you of an incredibly wide range of events, based on CPU, GPU, memory, disks, network, sensors, battery, power and weather. Memory Extensive memory stats covering usage, history, memory pressure, compressed memory, swap, and a list of the apps using the most memory.

Disk usage and activity See used space, free space, and disk activity in your menubar. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

App usage Statistics, Sensors, Temperature & Fan speeds

It works like a charm for a last year, not a single issue found even after automatic system updates. Configuration screenshot:. Screenshot s : Main overview, CPU, memory, sensors. Menubar footprint Main app window. Resource usage: iStat Menus is on the low-medium end of the resource consumption spectrum. And it's completely free. An impressive number of plugins have already been contributed by a wide range of developers just like you, and this site makes it easy to find them. The website does indeed list a large number of network and system plugins for monitoring CPU usage, uptime, battery status,etc. Sign up to join this community.

iStat Menus - Best macOS System Monitoring App for Macintosh & Hackintosh

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